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A regional term for heroin
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The Cook Islands Ministry of Education will use the increased and faster connectivity from Bluesky to enhance educational programs which will directly benefit the learning experience for students of all ages across the country.
5] concentrations forecasted by BlueSky with those measured by the ambient air quality monitoring network, and we compared the plume shapes forecasted by BlueSky with those observed by HMS.
BlueSky is a back office systems supplier for the European office products sector.
8220;Both ECi and BlueSky have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the European office products industry,” says Ron Books, President and CEO of ECi.
PVA sponsored a pilot project for the development of portable boat transfer technology proposed by BlueSky Designs.
We're very pleased to have David Baker on board during the initial test phase," said Anthony Milston of bluesky mobile marketing.
The firm has agreed to drill two Bluesky horizontal wells.
Peter O'Connell, of Bluesky, said: "These photos are very good.
Wireless operator EMT, the Estonian subsidiary of TeliaSonera, said tests of BlueSky Positioning's A-GPS technology were successful.
26 -- Defending champion Gyanubaba of Pokhara did not just retain the Fourth Dhorpatan Bluesky Cup women's Double League Volleyball but went on to win it for the third time in a row.
IBM (NYSE:IBM), an IT company, announced on 9 April that it has signed a contract to deploy a specialised IBM BlueSky system at the Czech Republic's Prague Airport.
Aerial mapping company Bluesky has captured 2,500[km.