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n Latin name:
Vaccinium angustifolium; part used: fruit; uses: antioxidant, diabetes, cancer prevention; precautions: none known.
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Along with some jugs of drinkable berries, Bill and I bought wild blueberry jam, partridgeberry jam, bakeapple jam and some berry flavored teas (2002).
More tea, blueberry jam, gave me a present of a jar of jam.
His 1989 production consisted of 25,000 250-ml units of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry jam, wholesaling at $2.
Indeed, your perambulating pensioners is oft times chided by his wife for smearing the butter with his favourite wild blueberry jam - made by a Mrs Darlington, whose jars have colourful checked caps secured by elastic bands.
Guests were provided with homemade blueberry jam with the closing toast that the couple hoped everyone had a "jammin' good time," From the baby's breath-enhanced-arrange-ments to the luxurious letterpress invitations that set the tone, this wedding was a country-time dream.
You can take a buggy ride, visit a traditional Amish house and buy some of their great local produce, like apple butter and blueberry jam.
Service for two includes scones with chantilly creme and blueberry jam, freshly cut tea sandwiches, a variety of cakes and pastries and tea.
Pilots in the Second World War reported their eyesight improved after eating blueberry jam.