Blue Pill

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Medical history A pill containing mercury, sweetener, flavoring and excipient, formerly used as a purgative, also known as mercury mass
Sexual health Viagra®

Vox populi A term that has become a metaphor for accepting the world as it is, to continue living one’s life as if in a dream. The term is from a pivotal scene in the sci-fi classic film The Matrix in which the protagonist, Neo, chooses to take the red pill and learn the realities of his simulated existence
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Millions of blue pills peddled by gangsters are wrecking lives across Scotland yet it's the Daily Record, through its tireless investigations, that's standing up to it - especially in Nicola Sturgeon's own constituency.
AS Morpheus in The Matrix, Laurence Fishburne offered Keanu Reeves' character a choice: he could take a red pill to awaken himself to painful reality or take a blue pill to continue living in ignorance.
Summary: "You take the blue pill and the story ends.
A drug that failed to fight the blues could be the female answer to the little blue pill Viagra, the lead North American investigator analyzing tests of the drug said Tuesday.
President Obama put it this way: "There's going to be some disagreement, but if there's broad agreement that in this situation the blue pill works better than the red pill, and it turns out the blue pills are half as expensive as the red pill, then we want to make sure that doctors and patients have that information available to them.
What Queen discovered a decade ago has been confirmed in a recent study funded by Viagra maker Pfizer--women can benefit from the little blue pill.
The number of patients being prescribed the blue pill is climbing by 20 per cent a year in some areas.
Now scientists believe Viagra, the little blue pill that offers hope to impotent men, can lead to blindness.
Another issue could be the alleged victim's statement to police that Wright placed a blue pill in her mouth which he said was Ecstasy.
The lack of a clear definition in the Blue Pill regarding what constitutes a spin didn't help none, neither.
IF THERE WERE A LITTLE blue pill to keep consumers looking young, you can bet folks would be gobbling them up like peanuts.
The alternative, the blue pill, allows one to remain blissfully ignorant, a choice made by Cypher, the Judas-like character in the movie.