Blue People

The appearance of people exposed to concentrated sodium nitrite, which oxidises haemoglobin to methaemoglobin, resulting in a dusky blue-grey skin colour; patients with congenital methaemoglobinemia are at risk for haemoglobin oxidation by nitrites; other risk groups include dynamite workers, amyl nitrite ‘poppers’, cardiac patients treated with nitroglycerin, and newborns—erythrocyte cytochrome B5 reductase is low
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The privacy icon shows two blue people holding hands.
Stanley I AM A park in a city Listening out for dreams Happy sitting pretty Between two special teams Stanley is the name I have a history Football is the game That holds hands with me I'm mostly painted green With two lakes, you can view Setting a splendid scene Surrounded by red and blue People run and walk Children happily play And I hear lots of talk About an important day It seems it's derby time The biggest game of all Where hearts will surely climb And hearts will surely fall A red nose and a blue nose On a silent seesaw Reaching highs and lows To win, lose or draw Crowds, crowds cheer Beyond a slide and swing And I smile as I hear This magical, magical thing I am a park in a city Listening out for dreams Happy sitting pretty Between two football teams Stephen James Pratt
Police said the blue people carrier and a white van had been involved in a minor collision before the attack at about 7pm on July 10 on Savile Road, Dewsbury.
The Smurfs are little blue people who live in harmony.
James Cameron's sci-fi adventure about humans colonising the planet Pandora, meeting a tribe of blue people and mining an unobtainable mineral called, er, unobtainium, may have been panned by the critics, but it is still officially the most successful movie of all time.
A Range Rover car was driving along the road when it forced another vehicle, a dark blue people carrier, to stop.
Forever Smurfette is a full-color graphic novel anthology of five brief comic stories ("A Kiss for Smurfette", "Baby Owl", "Little Red Riding Smurf", "The Haunted Castle", and "Bombollino Visits the Smurfs") by Peyo, the creator of these lovable, hard-working, and occasionally mischievous little blue people.
The Blue People is three instrument tracks based around strange, dark and electronic movements
And then there is the perennial publicity hound Simcha Jacobovici (TV's The Naked Archaeologist), who, along with James Cameron (whenever the latter is not tied up making bad movies about blue people or sinking boats), spends a lot of his time looking for the lost tomb of Jesus.
A blue people carrier was also left a charred shell.