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Blue Book

A book containing regulatory compliance data, produced by the FDA until its discontinuation in October 2002.

Graduate education-UK
A book which provided information about posts to train as a surgeon.

A book (now a downloadable pdf file) produced by the British Orthopaedic Association, titled Primary Total Hip Replacement: A Guide to Good Practice.

A series of authoritative, concise illustrated reference books produced by the World Health Organisation which cover neoplasms of all major organ systems.
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Gone forever were the days of finding Supergrade Sheridans for $50 in gun stores, because most knowledgeable gun dealers now had the Blue Book on their side.
Now you can take your Blue Book to the gun show and prove to that stubborn dealer that his Winchester Model 427 air rifle was really made by Diana of Germany and is worth only $200 in pristine condition--not the $650 he had marked on the tag.
Not a single person in Lane Community College's usually so helpful student bookstore knew anything about this special order for education students of The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation.
The Blue Book is the indispensable source of information about Oregon government.
Information from the Blue Book has been migrating into cyberspace for nearly a decade.
Although the Appeal had occasionally had runs of a million copies or more, the old job presses were incapable of turning out Blue Books at a rate commensurate with demand.
To Haldeman-Julius and millions of readers, the Little Blue Books symbolized free inquiry, alike in format but opposed to the standardization of public opinion and the routinization of factory life.
Every model ever produced is in the "Blue Book" or in one of the company's dedicated "Pocket Guides" on S&W guns only (there are pocket guides for Winchester, Browning/FN, Colt and Remington firearms as well).
It's in the "Blue Book," as are the dozens upon dozens of other William B.
Given the interest in the AR-15, its copies and progeny, the "1st Edition Blue Book ofAR-15s& Variations," will be gladly-received.