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Blue Book

A book containing regulatory compliance data, produced by the FDA until its discontinuation in October 2002.

Graduate education-UK
A book which provided information about posts to train as a surgeon.

A book (now a downloadable pdf file) produced by the British Orthopaedic Association, titled Primary Total Hip Replacement: A Guide to Good Practice.

A series of authoritative, concise illustrated reference books produced by the World Health Organisation which cover neoplasms of all major organ systems.
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Each valuation report includes every Kelley Blue Book Value available in Quick Values, including Auction Value, without any up-charges.
Information from the Blue Book has been migrating into cyberspace for nearly a decade.
Since 1913, The Blue Book of Building and Construction has provided the industry's most comprehensive database of general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers working within the commercial construction industry.
Slated for a record distribution of its print directories in January 2001, The Blue Book will further expand its online content in August of 2001 with the launch of nine new regional directories on thebluebook.
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