Blue Velvet

The ‘street’ name for an IV drug of abuse, said to produce euphoria and excitement, consisting of paregoric—elixir terpin hydrate—with codeine, and PBZ (pyribenzamine) or tripelennamine, a weak heroin substitute, triphenamine-HCl, mixed with talc
Adverse effects Depression, tachycardia, systolic murmur, rales, hepatomegaly with centrilobular hepatic necrosis, sudden death
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References in classic literature ?
A Mexican dragoon, for instance, is represented as arrayed in a round blue jacket, with red cuffs and collar; blue velvet breeches, unbuttoned at the knees to show his white stockings; bottinas of deer skin; a round-crowned Andalusian hat, and his hair cued.
The suggestion of this headdress, which gave her what was then called a "Josephine look," was carried out in the cut of the dark blue velvet gown rather theatrically caught up under her bosom by a girdle with a large old-fashioned clasp.
[147] They wore, besides their ribbons of blue moire, the silver dove on the shoulder, and the long mantle of sombre blue velvet lined with yellow satin.
It was lined with blue velvet. In one corner I noticed a tiny slip of loose blue silk.
The Empress and the little Grand Duchess wore simple suits of foulard (or foulard silk, I don't know which is proper,) with a small blue spot in it; the dresses were trimmed with blue; both ladies wore broad blue sashes about their waists; linen collars and clerical ties of muslin; low-crowned straw-hats trimmed with blue velvet; parasols and flesh- colored gloves The Grand Duchess had no heels on her shoes.
It is one of those little blue velvet ones that are all the rage, with gold cord and tassels.
His lady was dressed in blue velvet, all trimmed with swan's down.
Over a species of altar, and beneath a canopy of blue velvet, surmounted by white and red plumes, was a full-length portrait of Anne of Austria, so perfect in its resemblance that D'Artagnan uttered a cry of surprise on beholding it.
On the opposite side two cavaliers, one covered with a gilt cuirass, the other wearing simply a buff doublet, from which fell the sleeves of a vest of blue velvet, charged in front.
They both had necklaces and bracelets, ear-rings and brooches; but Polly had no ornament, except the plain locket on a bit of blue velvet. Her sash was only a wide ribbon, tied in a simple bow, and nothing but a blue snood in the pretty curls.
They looked very well in their simple suits, Meg's in silvery drab, with a blue velvet snood, lace frills, and the pearl pin.
Albert was impatient to see how he looked in his new dress -- a jacket and breeches of blue velvet, silk stockings with clocks, shoes with buckles, and a silk waistcoat.