Blue Tag

(1) A coloured label used in certain transfusion programmes that allows the donor of the unit to designate that the blood should go to a recipient with sickle cell anaemia
(2) A coloured label affixed to a designated apheresis (HLA-matched) unit for a specific recipient
(3) A coloured label attached to units of type O blood supplied by certain transfusion services which better identifies ABO status
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Ensure that the bag of seeds has a blue tag of the National Agricultural Seed Council NASC.
15,000 pounds, blue tag certified three way blend perennial, no annual and no intermediate, rye seed.
On his second cast he hooked a rainbow worth PS200 bearing a blue tag.
Meanwhile, the junior blue tag girls were successful, with one competitor winning a silver medal in both sparring and patterns after progressing through a highly competitive category, while another claimed bronze.
The CDFA quarantine for nurseries required that all plants transported from areas with known GWSS populations to GWSS-free areas of the state be shipped under a Blue Tag protocol (Kabashima et al.
Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu's Blue TAG also confirmed its participation, but in an observer capacity.
Your business will be prominently displayed with a blue tag icon next to it, alerting customers to your offer," it adds.
Don't use a blue tag to have something tested just to avoid doing your PMCS.
And hot on the heels of Ford trimming the prices of their bigger cars by 10-12 per cent through Blue Tag discounts, they are also committed to cutting the cost of small and medium cars.
PREY FOR LIFE Three eggs in the osprey nest CHEEP MEALS Grub for Ceulan and sibling FLOODY HELL Water hits nearby caravans SOLE SURVIVOR FIRST FLIGHT BIG TAKE OFF Ceulan ready for first flight SOARING: Ceulan with his blue tag DAD MONTY ME SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?
Dog walkers who use the field are required to complete three registration forms and attach a small blue tag to their dogs' collars.
The two-year-old escaped from the garden of a house in Quarella Road, Barry, with its ankle straps in place and a blue tag on its right foot.