Blue Tag

(1) A coloured label used in certain transfusion programmes that allows the donor of the unit to designate that the blood should go to a recipient with sickle cell anaemia
(2) A coloured label affixed to a designated apheresis (HLA-matched) unit for a specific recipient
(3) A coloured label attached to units of type O blood supplied by certain transfusion services which better identifies ABO status
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The Chinese crested tern spotted in Matsu was identified as A74, which flew back to Matsu after being released by researchers into the wild in July 2015 with a white and blue tag.
Ensure that the bag of seeds has a blue tag of the National Agricultural Seed Council NASC.
Next, a technician held the cub while Katy used a tool (similar to a hole punch) to securely attach a light blue tag through its ear.
On his second cast he hooked a rainbow worth PS200 bearing a blue tag. W Carr bagged up for 16lb 8oz.
Meanwhile, the junior blue tag girls were successful, with one competitor winning a silver medal in both sparring and patterns after progressing through a highly competitive category, while another claimed bronze.
The box was zipped up, tied with a blue tag, and the organs' official ID papers were attached.
The CDFA quarantine for nurseries required that all plants transported from areas with known GWSS populations to GWSS-free areas of the state be shipped under a Blue Tag protocol (Kabashima et al.
Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu's Blue TAG also confirmed its participation, but in an observer capacity.
"Your business will be prominently displayed with a blue tag icon next to it, alerting customers to your offer," it adds.
Don't use a blue tag to have something tested just to avoid doing your PMCS.
And hot on the heels of Ford trimming the prices of their bigger cars by 10-12 per cent through Blue Tag discounts, they are also committed to cutting the cost of small and medium cars.