Blue Suit

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A bright blue heavy-duty pressurised biohazard suit used in Biosafety Level 4 containment areas when dealing with highly infectious, potentially lethal exotic agents and organisms—BL4s—that pose a high risk of life-threatening disease, which may be transmitted by aerosol and for which there is no vaccine or therapy
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New Delhi [India], Dec 31 ( ANI ): There is a reason for the Navy Blue suit to be the next big thing
htm) Read: 'Today' Host Karl Stefanovic Wears Same Blue Suit For a Year to Point Out Sexism in Media
In The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit, Joyce weaves a bizarre, colorful story, full of nostalgia, indecision, emotion and tension, and this genre-spanning novel is sure to be a favorite of fantasy, suspense and thriller fans.
Other stars who made heads turn were actress Carey Mulligan who turned up in a slender scarlet coloured Lanvin dress and peep- toe heels, and actor Tobey Maguire who arrived with his wife in a tailored blue suit.
A blue suit, a little bit of padding to make him a bit pear-shaped on the bottom, and some sneakers.
Karinska nodded nonchalantly and walked over to inspect me, wearing her usual navy blue suit and sensible shoes, her lavender hair adding a touch of wit.
In a business settings, most men will wear either a gray or blue suit.
Even in the midst of my grief, I managed a smile as I thought of how proud I was to be the son of this man who was being buried in a white shirt, red tie and navy blue suit.
Wearing his one shabby blue suit on all of his gambling outings, Fahey was "an incongruous figure among the glitz.
It is through a similar shared-but-subjective process that the dollar becomes a valuable token instead of a pretty piece of paper, that a policeman becomes an authority figure instead of a man in a funny blue suit.
There is trumpet player Tyrone, who wears a purple suit, Old Grandpa Kitty with silvery fur and an alto sax, and the leader, Broussard, who plays his clarinet in blue sunglasses that match his blue suit.
The man himself -- Philip Johnson -- and the freedom of expression," said Vendome, who wore an electric blue suit at the affair.