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Blue sky thinking (21%) - creative thinking not grounded in reality; 3.
The workplace is full of phrases that often have no real meaning: Blue sky thinking, push the envelope, on my radar, punch a puppy, touch base, thought shower and bio-break (it's a loo-break).
This will allow government to create blue sky thinking opportunities, giving businesses the chance to develop innovative digital solutions for Government.
Well, it looks like this blue sky thinking isn't working too well for those in the know and it's all about "black box thinking", where you learn from your failures.
W1A (BBC2, 10pm) THERE are so many buzzwords, and like totally, so much blue sky thinking, that no one really knows what's going on at the BBC, in this hilarious satire.
Beginning with Blue Sky Thinking, Harper squeezed his voice over the edge whilst his fingers flew across the frets of his guitar.
We put in lots of blue sky thinking and then we go and make it happen and see the project through to its successful conclusion.
If Wales is ever to be able to stand on its own two feet and be a real economic dynamo, it needs clear blue sky thinking, the complete abandonment of archaic socialist dogma.
Then windows of opportunity, level playing fields and blue sky thinking.
Could they be engaged in a bout of blue sky thinking or is the ``partnership agreement'' just a lot of hot air?
covers the latest blue sky thinking and architectural challenges in ADS-B In and ADS-B Out to meet the 2020 mandate.
First up this week was a new bit of blue sky thinking from David Cameron which, in essence, could be summed up as "everyone who can't speak English properly and isn't willing to learn should be deported".