Blue Sheet

A specialised weekly publication that provides business and US governmental information on health policy and biomedical research
References in classic literature ?
This he unlocked, and took from it a dozen or so blue sheets of paper all mottled over with stamps and seals, with very large V.
A blue tent was erected outside the front door of the home and a large blue sheet covered the windows and doors.
Images of the scene on social media channels show what appears to be a body covered in a blue sheet near the wreckage.
The footage shows a woman crying over a body covered with a blue sheet on the hospital floor, and a wounded boy being carried into the hospital.
Firefighters raise a blue sheet as a body of a hiker trapped in the mountaintop area during the eruption of Mount <BOntake is airlifted by a Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force helicopter in Otaki in central Japan, yesterday
The corpse - lying on a bed and covered only by a blue sheet - was being taken to the morgue.
You need to add a blue sheet (supplied with the paper) under the photo paper for it work (Zero-ink or Zink technology).
Police covered his body with a blue sheet and positioned vehicles around it to shield it from people going to work and school in the early-morning rush hour.
During the day, she and her siblings would escape to a backyard shed, where they set up a theater by "laying boards across stacked turf, hanging an old blue sheet for a curtain, and tying a bicycle lamp to a rafter.
This was done by spreading out a blue sheet of plastic on the floor and inviting the natives to cross it on a skateboard, while the South American Peruvians lifted up one side of the plastic and formed a wave.
Whole towns were shown inundated under the blue sheet of water.
Khattiya Sawasdiphol, a renegade army general accused of leading a paramilitary force among Thailand''s Red Shirt protesters, is taken in to hospital, covered in a blue sheet