Blue Sense

A term of art referring to the alleged intuition of a police officer (whose uniform is usually blue, hence the name) about impending danger, about whether a suspect is guilty, about whether someone is lying, and/or about hunches regarding cases or people. It is viewed as the instinct in a police officer’s decision-making process that goes beyond what can be observed with the senses
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Z.o.o., BlueCats Australia Pty Limited, Gimbal, Inc., Blue Sense Networks Ltd., Accent Advanced Systems, SLU, Glimworm Beacons, Aruba Networks, Sensorberg Gmbh and Radius Networks, Inc., have been systematically crafted in this research report.
It features seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system display with USB & Bluetooth support, Voice command with voice recognition, Mahindra BLUE SENSE App, Smart rain-sensing wipers, Electronic steering lock and Tilt-power steering.
Known as 'Blue Sense', the app developed by the company has already had an overwhelming response with over 24,000 downloads on Android.
The Blue Sense enables the users to control the infotainment system as well as the climate control system through bluetooth.
When Arthur Lyons and I published The Blue Sense: Psychic Detectives and Crime (1991), we thought we had made our position as "agnostics" on the issue of psi quite clear.
68) and that we "pose as pseudo-skeptics" (a confused choice of words since I presume he means either that we pose as skeptics or are pseudoskeptics) as we supposedly "are clearly out to convince all comers that 'the blue sense' exists and that in certain heads at certain times it is valid" (p.
Auto Business News-April 1, 2015--Mahindra to equip XUV500 with Apple iOS version of Blue Sense app
Because substantial portions of this book are directed toward matters raised by Arthur Lyons and me in our book The Blue Sense (1991), and because I presumably was invited to review it in part for that reason, this review will unavoidably be a response as well as an appraisal.
The other prominent vendors in the market include Blue Sense Networks, Gelo, Glimworm Beacons, Onyx Beacon, and Sensorberg.
Auto Business News-March 31, 2015--Mahindra to equip Blue Sense in XUV500
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Big Blue senses the cracks growing, the mold forming as Angelo plays his frayer games.