Blue Sense

A term of art referring to the alleged intuition of a police officer (whose uniform is usually blue, hence the name) about impending danger, about whether a suspect is guilty, about whether someone is lying, and/or about hunches regarding cases or people. It is viewed as the instinct in a police officer’s decision-making process that goes beyond what can be observed with the senses
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We should, of course, strive to use the most sophisticated methods appropriate, but too many critics of the blue sense seem to forget that not all scientific knowledge is equally hard knowledge.
Blue sense [Review of the book The blue sense: Psychic detectives and crime].
Turning the blue sense into a straw man [Letter to the editor].
Auto Business News-March 31, 2015--Mahindra to equip Blue Sense in XUV500
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (NSE: M&M), an India-based automaker, is equipping its iOS version of the smart app named Blue Sense in the XUV500.
Blue Sense allows the users to control the infotainment system and the climate control system through Bluetooth, along with other important vehicle information including tyre pressure, fuel statistics and more.
Because substantial portions of this book are directed toward matters raised by Arthur Lyons and me in our book The Blue Sense (1991), and because I presumably was invited to review it in part for that reason, this review will unavoidably be a response as well as an appraisal.
Though Nickell and his contributors have apparently read The Blue Sense (for they copiously cite it), they have failed remarkably to respond to almost all our criticisms of past debunkings, and they here treat such debunkings as accepted and uncontroversial.
Auto Business News-April 1, 2015--Mahindra to equip XUV500 with Apple iOS version of Blue Sense app
Mahindra & Mahindra (NSE: M&M), an India-based automaker, is launching an Apple iOS version of the Blue Sense app in its XUV 500 model.
Mahindra and Mahindra (NSE: M&M), an India-based automaker, is equipping its XUV500 W8 model with the Blue Sense app.
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