light-emitting diode

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light-emitting diode (LED),

n a semiconductor device that produces light when activated with an electrical current.
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If developed, the blue LED could be combined with red and green LEDs to produce white light for a fraction of the cost of incandescent and fluorescent lighting.
Then, I switched to blue LED research desperately by selecting GaN.
They were divided into Control Group, Green LED Group, Red LED Group, Yellow LED Group and Blue LED Group.
With the advent of the blue LED leading to cost-effective and long-lasting white-light applications, we can save businesses and governments money, while enhancing not only engineering innovation and the value of lighting, but also architectural aesthetics on a wide range of projects," Floyd said.
In contrast to our results here growth of barley seedlings was significantly reduced under blue LED than under red blue green or yellow LEDs compared to that under fluorescence light (Lee et al.
In the spirit of Alfred Nobel the Prize rewards an invention of greatest benefit to mankind; using blue LEDs, white light can be created in a new way.
As you talk through the microphone, the blue LED comes on, confirming that your radio has both transmit key and voice output.
Thus we have come up with the advanced Blue LED treatment to present you with a radiant smile in no time.
It has an 8-cup capacity, paperless filter and blue LED Indicators.
Using blue LED technology that emits the optimal light spectrum, Zoom WhiteSpeed accelerates and enhances whitening results with no compromise to safety.
The company's ChromaLit Collection, now available through Digi-Key, utilises a phosphor composite separated from the blue LED energy source.
EKB-106 features blue LED backlighting, providing a clearly illuminated key legend for ambient-light use.