Blue Eye

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Infectious disease An ocular infection seen in Australian aborigines which is caused by conjunctival granulomata from infection by the equine gastric nematode Habronema
Opthalmology An eye which contains low amounts of eumelanin within the iris stroma; longer wavelengths of light tend to be absorbed by the underlying iris pigment epithelium, and shorter wavelengths are reflected and undergo Rayleigh scattering
Quackery An eye colour which, in the construct of the pseudoscience of iridology is associated with certain pathologies
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To him she seemed something almost divine; and whenever her golden head and deep blue eyes peered out upon him from behind some dusky cotton-bale, or looked down upon him over some ridge of packages, he half believed that he saw one of the angels stepped out of his New Testament.
There was the same noble cast of head, the same large blue eyes, the same golden-brown hair; yet the expression was wholly different.
She was so busy in admiring those soft blue eyes, in talking and listening, and forming all these schemes in the inbetweens, that the evening flew away at a very unusual rate; and the suppertable, which always closed such parties, and for which she had been used to sit and watch the due time, was all set out and ready, and moved forwards to the fire, before she was aware.
Wash Williams began telling the story of his mar- ried life with the tall blonde girl with the blue eyes whom he had met when he was a young operator at Dayton, Ohio.
In the meanwhile, her lovely blue eyes rested tenderly on the tarts.
I was not even able to stand up-- I sank back in my chair; I stared horror-struck at the calm blue eyes that were only looking at me with a gentle surprise.
As he spoke the King waved his paw toward the boy, and at once the pretty curls and fresh round face and big blue eyes were gone, while in their place a fox's head appeared upon Button-Bright's shoulders--a hairy head with a sharp nose, pointed ears, and keen little eyes.
His silky white hair flows over his shoulders; he looks at us with faded blue eyes; he bows with a sad and subdued courtesy, and says, in the simplest manner, "I bid you welcome, gentlemen, to my house."
The shadow of some past grief rests quietly and impenetrably over the whole man; I see it in his faded blue eyes, on his broad forehead, on his delicate lips, on his pale shriveled cheeks.
She was thinking further, that his far-seeing blue eyes looked as if they had been used to watch danger afar off, and to watch it without flinching, drawing nearer and nearer: when, happening to raise her own eyes, she found that he seemed to be thinking something about THEM.
Her face was drawn and pinched, her sweet blue eyes haggard and unnatural.
Tribune News Network DOHA Umm Qarn-owned Yazeed and Khalifa bin Sheail al Kuwari's The Blue Eye split the two biggest races of the Qatar Sword & Trophy Day at the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club Racecourse in New Al Rayyan on Thursday.