Blue Devil

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A regional term for a formulation of depressants
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The Blue Devil Scholars program is designed to provide a systematic approach to enhance STEAM education for Sampson-Webber students starting in sixth grade.
Shaun Green, the head coach of CCSU ( known as the Blue Devils ( is an exile who used to play for Wallsend Boys Club with Peter Beardsley and Steve Bruce.
Lord, hear our prayer," the Blue Devil, who describes himself as "a good Irish Catholic", beseeches God.
She added that she believes the mascot has been used at Chatham High School since it was built in 1962 and thought its use may be related to the Blue Devil mascot used by Duke University in North Carolina.
Elwyn Simons, scientific director of the primate center, says Blue Devil will grow up with Endora and her new mate, Nosferatu.
Pursuant to the Qualifying Transaction, Bradmer and Blue Devil amalgamated to form "Bradmer Pharmaceuticals Inc.
The collaboration with a diverse team of experts on the Blue Devil program led to providing innovative capabilities to the warfighter.
We have always been committed to the revitalization of Downtown Durham," said Blue Devil Ventures partner Christian Laettner.
Blue Devil nation will find out where they stand during the NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday Show when the field of 68 teams is announced.
Company to Provide Blue Devil Operations and Maintenance Support Services to the AFRL Sensors Directorate
The sophomore broke open a three-point Blue Devil lead by scoring 19 consecutive points.
The Leominster defense was especially tough on Shrewsbury's guards, with the Blue Devil backcourt tandem of Mayson Williams and Jake Allain pressuring the ball at every opportunity in the first half to help their team to a 26-13 lead at intermission.