Blue Bone

An early lesion of otosclerosis characterised by repeated cycles of lacunar resorption and replacement of the otic capsular bone in a background of immature vascularised spongy neo-osteogenesis with basophilic—bluish—cementum, which with time, evolves to bony mosaics
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The works in this category include Voiture&Fille (Car&Girl), 2016, featuring a somewhat inexplicable (and unavoidably Ballardian) form overlaying volumes in the shape of a car and a female torso, as well as Un os bleu qui voit (A Blue Bone That Sees) and Monsieur Propre jusqu'a l'os (Mr.
26, Tesco Direct Poppy seaside scene blue bone china mug, pounds 7.
The roll-call of discarded items in her toy box reads like a Pet Generation Game: a giant plastic day-glo carrot; a tiny rubber lorry (one previous owner - the Borrowers); a pair of pimply balls; a roaring Hulk, an old-fashioned hoop; a sad monkey; a farting shark (Great White); a furry mobile phone that stopped ringing long ago; some rancid socks; a startledman's head; the cardboard tube from the inside of a Bacofoil roll (for reasons known only to canines, this is the bestest of the best); and a big blue bone made from some indestructible polyurethane material, manufactured during the NASA space programme with a half-life of three trillion years.
Rossetti is a pale blue bone china pattern with a platinum band; Henley features a geometric gold design; Marlowe is a black and white bone china pattern trimmed in platinum; and Palermo features a pale green border banded in gold.
Talon-clutch, blue bone ring: a scrap of color -- go on, take it, pluck it away