Blue Birds

Regional drug slang for a formulation of depressants
References in classic literature ?
A pair of blue birds have built a nest in a hole in the sides of the well, just under the ferns.
I want a hot poker and a policeman made into sausages, and they give me princesses moralising by moonlight, Blue Birds, or something.
Blue Birds, by Caroline Rose Starr: Alis arrives to colonial Roanoke and becomes friends with native girl Kimi, but the colonialists are at war with Kimi's tribe .
THE British have always had a soft spot for blue birds (despite a distinct absence of them, ornithologically speaking).
Under the gray cloud cover, blue birds course Like running water through
Designer Matthew Williamson's hummingbird wallpaper in gold with these beautiful brilliant blue birds is stunning and a skilful contemporary interpretation of classic style.
After doubts over the club's financial future were eased with the court case ruling last week, Blue birds fans were celebrating once more after a 2-1 victory at Ninian Park.
Cleveland Police believe the thieves have tried to sell the green, yellow, red and blue birds in the local area.
And it's believed to be the first time one of the blue birds, which normally live in the birch forests of Asia and Scandinavia, has hung around for the Bells.
The North West squad once again boasted two Blue Birds in the starting line-up.