Blue Barrels

Regional drug slang for LSD
References in classic literature ?
D'Arnot sighted along the blue barrel at the crack of the door--and then he pulled the trigger.
Throughout her youth, whenever there was a suspicious death or cancer case, she remembers hearing whispers, "It's because of the blue barrels.
The Barrel Aid's big blue barrels will be located at the end of the mud run for those interested in donating their shoes.
The fly-tippers left 22 blue barrels - half of them containing used oil - and other rubbish beside a stream in St Gwynno forest near the road between Llanwonno and Ynysybwl near Pistyll-goleo over last weekend.
Normally they'd jump fences and then blue barrels, but I didn't bother with the barrels as there was no point taking any risks so close to the race.
Water flowed rather slowly from these small blue barrels.
Army technical officers were called in and after carrying out a controlled explosion, they discovered the massive bomb packed into two blue barrels.
The delay encountered in the procurement of the blue barrels is indicative of a very competitive industry whose various manufacturers often go to great lengths to secure a major contract," Eliseo Garza, Jr.
Officers investigating the blast have discovered pieces of blue plastic at the scene - similar to blue barrels used in Real IRA bombings in Ulster.