Blue Barrels

Regional drug slang for LSD
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D'Arnot sighted along the blue barrel at the crack of the door--and then he pulled the trigger.
Nestled beneath her squat-toilets are small blue barrels that, once full, are sealed and taken to an organics recycling factory in Machakos County, a bumpy 40-minute drive outside the city.Beds of writhing black soldier fly larvae feast on a mix of excrement and food waste from hotels and agribusinesses.
"I was standing in the scrap yard in Askar, where I work, when I spotted him (the muezzin) dumping two blue barrels," the 30-year-old Indian said as he gave evidence in the High Criminal Court yesterday.
"The reservation areas -- the unmarked and contended space between the blue barrels, is where you find most of the tensions occurring.
The matte blue barrels are either 26 or 28 inches In length, and the solid top rib has a brass bead front sight.
The company's black barrels come from pickle shipments in India and Pakistan, for example; gray and blue barrels were used to move mint leaves, sugar beets, carrots and such from Peru, Belgium, Brazil and Spain.
His alleged cache, including five pipe bombs, was found by members of the public stashed in blue barrels half-buried in areas of woodland.
Finish: Matte black aluminum-alloy receiver, matte blue barrels
The Barrel Aid's big blue barrels will be located at the end of the mud run for those interested in donating their shoes.
Sharpe said divers from the Arizona Dive Shop and from his organization discovered the looting on March 19 when they found lifting ropes, blue barrels, an anchor chain and large timber planks in the water.
"The device contained two blue barrels with 125kg of homemade explosives in each one and a detonator - all the equipment which meant this device was ready to go," he said.
In 2010, a "Blue Line Task Force" was established, so that -- while by the end of 2009 the construction of 38 blue barrels had been achieved -- during 2010 and 2011, 36 and 47 blue barrels were placed respectively.