Blue Angels

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Regional drug slang for a formulation of depressants
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And yet it has not the blue devils, but the blue angels in it, in the azure tint of its waters.
I only know that I swim about in space, with a blue angel, in a state of blissful delirium, until I find myself alone with her in a little room, resting on a sofa.
8220;Being a Blue Angel” shows kids all the jobs the Blue Angels do, from the pilots to the maintenance crew, and more.
The highlight of the afternoon came when the cadets watched a practice routine by the Blue Angels.
This year, for the second time in four years, the air show was canceled because organizers were unable to get a headlining jet acrobatics team like the Thunderbirds or the Navy's Blue Angels.
1918), told in a narrative style, begins with his three years spent as a prisoner of war in Japan during World War II and tells how he became leader of the Blue Angels and later fought in the Korean War.
Dusty' Rhodes helped develop the Blue Angels, the world's most famous military aerobatic team--and was only the third fighter pilot to become its leader.
The Hellcat crews continued the gutsy tradition when they were again called for duty as the Navy's Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels.
George moved operations to Pensacola where hundreds of thousand of cubic yards of storm debris were being staged at the Naval Air Station on airstrips used by the famed Blue Angels.
Bispo claimed to have been entrusted by seven blue angels and Christ himself with the momentous task of inventorying everything worth redeeming on the impending Day of Judgment.
8-19 with the Blue Angels, the Navy's equivalent to the Thunderbirds.