Blown Mind

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Medspeak Macbre slang for a gunshot wound to the head
Substance abuse Referring to the suboptimal cognitive function of a chronic substance abuser
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But perhaps the most lamentable problem of Vivisections from the Blown Mind is that it violates its own premises.
The sound is spectacularly different from their '98 album How To Operate With A Blown Mind, due to a new vocalist and several new band members.
Already enjoying cult status in the States, where their 1998 debut How to Operate With a Blown Mind shifted an astonishing 400,000 copies, they are now determined to conquer their home territory.
After being hailed "best new band in Britain" by the Brat Awards, they surfed a supersonic wave of chart success with their Top 20 debut album How To Operate With a Blown Mind.