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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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BLOWN AWAY: The Cologne wind plays havoc with Pope yesterday; SMILES>: Pope sees funny side of his windy reception
My British Open pick, Phil Mickleson, who was blown away before the winds were stronger than a breeze, is 14-1, while the champion from Muirfield, South African Erie Els, is 16-1.
MODEL and race-car driver Jodie Kidd was said to have been "blown away" by one of north Wales' adventure attractions during a visit.
MODEL and racecar driver Jodie Kidd was said to have been "blown away" by one of North Wales' adventure attractions during a visit.
We knew it was going to be busy as we had closed entries a few days before, but we were blown away by the number of people joining us on the square to support their friends and family taking part.
The traders lamented and said everything would be blown away by the upcoming inflation with the kind of documentation and taxation the government wanted.
"Unable to withstand winds of up to 59mph, they were simply blown away." She added: "An inquest jury concluded the panel was blown away because of a lack of maintenance resulting from wet rot and corroded metal fixings."
As a constituent of Dundee Township, I'm blown away that we got a toll bridge that the majority of constituents did not want in the first place.
Roof of a house in Banjar area was also blown away.
ROGER FEDERER claimed the swirling wind at Roland Garros was "dangerous" after he was blown away by Rafa Nadal.
The Buddies gaffer was blown away as close to 1,800 supporters made the trip through to Hamilton to roar the side on at the weekend.
JUDGES were "blown away" by the quality of work in a school design competition.