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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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A house was been burnt down in Moshwana village and one house roof blown away in Tlapeng village near Ganyesa in Kagisano-Molopo local municipality.
you enough to catch him live I don't know why, even though his guitar-playing prowess on Supergrass tracks like Richard III and Caught By the Fuzz is so epic, it's like being thrown into a ice bath headfirst, but I was totally blown away by both his vocal performace and musical skill.
Land yachting with Blown Away takes place at West Sands Beach in St Andrews; Lunan Bay, near Arbroath; and Belhaven Bay, Dunbar, East Lothian.
I was blown away by how the Pope's convoy all but parted the Red Sea and no one broke ranks to rush him.
Although San Laurent salon has a strong client base of approximately 250 people weekly from across Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island and Connecticut, the owners emphasize that Blown Away will be its own entity.
Because we know that consumers love extraordinary new ways to share birthday smiles with the Important people in their lives, American Greetings is thrilled to introduce Blown Away," says Carol Miller, the company's vice president of corporate innovation.
The Blown Away range can be found at participating drug chains, grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide.
Blown Away is being staged at Newcastle Theatre Royal Studio until Saturday, March 24.
Summary: Taylor Lautner admits he still gets blown away by fans who turn up to film premieres.
An instrumental section of Alistair Griffin's song Blown Away has been chosen to feature in the iconic show, hosted by Gary Lineker, pictured.
Finally the King's gigantic head is blown away by a gust of wind and mysteriously ends up where Tessa is stacking grain.
Summary: FUJAIRAH -- A 20-year-old Ethiopian housemaid died on the spot after a shade blown away by strong winds during heavy rain fell on her in the courtyard of her employer's house in Al Giriyya district, 10km north of Fujairah City, on Sunday.