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adj. blood·ier, blood·iest
1. Stained with blood.
2. Of, characteristic of, or containing blood.

blood′i·ly adv.
blood′i·ness n.


Referring to blood; of the nature of blood—e.g., bloody excretions, bloody sweat.
Vox populi-UK
Damned (darned).

Vox populi-US
Smeared or stained with blood.

bloody, blood in

pertaining to or deriving from blood.

bloody feces
see dysentery, melena.
bloody guts
see proliferative hemorrhagic enteropathy.
bloody milk
bloody urine
bloody vomit
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It's been three or four days of sheer bloody hell for me, to be honest, to get used to it.
It's not that I melt in the rain or anything but bloody hell it was freezing at the track.
Their Australian operation, which includes the "So where the bloody hell are you?
Tourism Australia had hoped to lure Britons Down Under by featuring enticing pictures of the country accompanied by the slogan, 'So where the bloody hell are you?
Bloody hell, they've ripped our families apart for decades," he said.
Rose had confronted the drunken burglar when he climbed in a window, asking: "What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?
Bloody hell, it's worse than we thought - even Des is in on it.
At which point I thought bloody hell, she IS turning into Anthea.