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Cruel; sanguinary; murderous
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Quantity or scope: Restoration Work in the garden of the treatment plant to the Bloodthirsty AjaccioLot # 4: Pergola and wood trim
Keep sending the drones, he says, and exterminate all those barbaric bloodthirsty fanatics
40pm A horde of vampires find the perfect hunting ground to feed their bloodthirsty desires - a town in Alaska that remains sunless for a month.
KARACHI -- MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has alleged that bloodthirsty wolves are hunting down innocent party workers in Karachi.
Bloodthirsty So he takes his wife and three sons to visit grandad Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins) for advice.
We both have against us one and the same bloodthirsty monster, which again rears its hands to snatch our most precious - our Freedom
10am The movie which introduced the world to the iconic figure of John Rambo is actually a far cry from the increasingly bloodthirsty sequels - this is more of a psychological thriller rather than an action adventure, highlighting the traumatic effects of combat.
History will never forgive these bloodthirsty vampires.
com MONSTROUS MOLARS | These bloodthirsty teeth are the perfect bit of dress-up for those without time for face-painting, or to add the ideal finishing touches to your costume.
Scott must also find ways to keep his loved ones safe during his bloodthirsty transformations every full moon.
Nobody is able to make the pain easier for the lost young lives, even after the deserved punishment for the bloodthirsty beasts.
He hooks up with a feisty princess (Rachel Nichols) to battle monsters, sorcerers and bloodthirsty enemies.