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Cruel; sanguinary; murderous
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class="MsoNormalGoing by the trend, Dr Muraya suspects there is a bloodthirsty cult operating in Nyandarua.
'If a mediocre student like Duterte, and if someone who is only good for being mayor, and even bad as he was, engaged in extrajudicial killings, now you have a maniac, a modern maniac in power trying to put on a national scale his bloodthirsty kind of character,' said Sison, who was one of Mr.
The visit of a member of the European Parliament from Sweden, Lars Adaktusson, to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, where the bloodthirsty ethnic cleansing against more than one million people, including the crime against humanity and the Khojaly genocide were committed by Armenia, on the eve of Holocaust means to support the aspirations of occupation, aggression and bloody ethnic cleansing, said Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry's Spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev.
6 The Hunt (BBC1) THIS brutal series about relentless and bloodthirsty predators that ruthlessly hunt down defenceless prey is being broadcast just as the Tories are planning savage cuts to the BBC.
Keep sending the drones, he says, and exterminate all those barbaric bloodthirsty fanatics!
30 DAYS OF NIGHT Channel 4, 11.40pm A horde of vampires find the perfect hunting ground to feed their bloodthirsty desires - a town in Alaska that remains sunless for a month.
KARACHI -- MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has alleged that bloodthirsty wolves are hunting down innocent party workers in Karachi.
Bloodthirsty So he takes his wife and three sons to visit grandad Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins) for advice.
"We both have against us one and the same bloodthirsty monster, which again rears its hands to snatch our most precious - our Freedom!
Film First Blood Sky Movies Action & Adventurel, 12.10am The movie which introduced the world to the iconic figure of John Rambo is actually a far cry from the increasingly bloodthirsty sequels - this is more of a psychological thriller rather than an action adventure, highlighting the traumatic effects of combat.
History will never forgive these bloodthirsty vampires.