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The direct line of descent; a pedigree.
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She is a leader in pedigree evaluation and using Tesio Methods in breeding sport horses, and breeders and breed associations frequently call on Kirsan for her knowledge of bloodlines and equine history.
A Dutch national champion and a champion in Brittany in France, this is one of Cowporation's best breeding cows, who come from the Cesar bloodline.
SPRINGERS: Field bred, puppies, started and finished dogs now available from champion bloodlines.
The discovery of the Welsh bloodline (from Pentraeth) in Newborough is wonderful and reinforces the national importance of that site as a red squirrel stronghold.
She said: 'I'd never played a nurse, a policewoman or a lawyer, but now I've done Bloodlines and I've just played a nurse in the new series of The Brief so I've finally done two of those roles.
In one particularly moving section that bears editing or revision, the dancers face the audience in a line and share personal stories their grandparents told them about their mixed bloodlines, the origins of their Native American features, hair, and skin tones--and succotash and grits.
At one time, primogeniture went unchallenged in family-dominated businesses, and younger sons could only view bloodlines as unfor-giving, ego-bruising accidents of birth.
If you intend to show, the New Zealand bloodlines are for you.
For a list of the winged horses and their bloodlines, along with preview chapters of the novel, visit: www.
While he is a renowned Trakehner expert, Schulte is also knowledgeable about bloodlines of all European breeds and welcomes all breed owners to attend.
BLUE CHIP KENNELS: English Cocker pups and stud service available Champion bloodlines bred for field and family.