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The direct line of descent; a pedigree.
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Brown Swiss bloodlines are creating strong demand in North America, and Switzerland has an indigenous cow population of 210,000 animals.
All with OFA/ CERF/DNA and NFC bloodlines. Great noses, marking, dispositions, conformation.
Mr Walker said: "Mr Exotic was the second bull to be born at the farm and, although we knew he had excellent bloodlines we didn't expect that he would be sold to the continent.
"Her bloodlines are very strong on both sides of her pedigree.
ALDERWOOD SETTER PUPS: Ryman, Hemlock and Twombley bloodlines. Training available.
GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTERS: Quality bloodlines, bred for field and family.
El Tenor has good bloodlines, and it's his durability which makes most appeal.
All with OFA/CEKF/ DNA and NFC bloodlines. Great noses, marking, dispositions, conformation.
The sale provides a chance for the major Newmarket yards to offload in mid-season and for smaller yards to buy into better bloodlines. The action at Park Paddocks begins after racing today at 5.45pm.
Hardsuit Labs and Studio Paradox Interactive introduced the first trailer for "Vampire: The Masquerade 6 Bloodlines 2." Additionally, the developers once again clarified that the release date for the game would be in the first quarter of 2020.
The first quality is that all Japanese Wagyu cattle have been registered by their bloodlines, and so pure bloodlines have been maintained over many generations.