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However, before Michael arrives at that moment in his narrative when he presents the crucifixion as an effective atonement for humanity, he lays the groundwork for the requirement of blood sacrifice for expiation of sin, a groundwork in turn founded on the discourse of atonement articulated in the council in Heaven.
While Christians opposed blood sacrifice (33)--and there is no doubt that both Julian and Heliodoros had good knowledge of Christian scripture--Julian (Letter to a Priest 89b Bidez) urged people to perform it: 'Let men worship the gods as if they see them actually present; for our fathers established images and altars and the maintenance of undying fire, and everything of the sort, and symbols of the presence of the gods .
Other items in the show rarely travel, including two exquisitely carved lintels from the British Museum that vividly depict the blood sacrifices performed by Maya nobles.
Greco-Roman intellectual elites themselves questioned the ontological value of blood sacrifice and proposed a spiritual sacrifice, prayer, alongside them.
Tuesday's blood sacrifice by the thousands of UDD supporters was an innovative move in the ongoing Thai style of civil disobedience against a sitting government.
If I tried this without wearing my heavy work gloves, there was a blood sacrifice.
The nineteenth-century German classical scholar, Wilamowitz, said this wonderful thing: 'Everybody who studies the classics knows that if you want to contact the spirits, you have to make a sacrifice and that sacrifice has to be a blood sacrifice.
But a blood sacrifice to the gods did not always require the death of the victim.
All belian rituals require a blood sacrifice of chickens (piaq) or pigs (uneq) or, on major occasions, even a buffalo.
Trouble evolves when a blood sacrifice is called for.
With marked emphasis on incense, these texts reimagine earthly blood sacrifice as a celestial, bloodless, and aromatic sacrifice.
The thirteenth-century Queste del saint Graal (Quest for the Holy Grail), for example, features Perceval's sister as a saintly character who, through her blood sacrifice reminiscent of martyrdom, saves another human being.