Blood Type Diet

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A diet devised by P.J. D'Adamo, MD, popularised in Eat Right For Your Type, premised on the assertion that the 4 main blood groups—O, A, B, and AB—reflect 4 different patterns of metabolism
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If you're feeling skeptical, you're not alone; the blood type diets have plenty of critics in the medical and science communities.
L The Blood Type Diet Cookbook by Karen Vago and Lucy Degremont, published by Thorsons, at pounds 9.
Dr Peter D'Adamo credits the blood type diet with improved digestion, weight loss, less bloating and disease; increased longevity and a more balanced physical and emotional state.
In a report from CBS News, Katherine Zeratsky of Mayo Clinic was quoted saying, "There's not sound scientific evidence that the so-called blood type diet is any more effective or any more beneficial for weight loss than is any other diet.
Cole and singer Cliff Richard also featured in the report after trying the blood type diet, which claims that people with different blood groups break down food in different ways.
Peter D'Adamo Blood Type Diet," which instructs followers to eat according to their blood types.
The 27-year-old actress went swimming, had lots of sex and followed a special eating plan - The Blood Type Diet.
The Blood Type Diet works on the theory that eating the right foods to complement your blood group is the key to your health, fitness and emotional well-being.
After she quit Walford, she shed a stone and a half on the Blood Type Diet.
The My Fair Lady star put on weight for her role in Love Actually but shed it using the Blood Type Diet.
Diet: By now you're probably looking for something a little different - and what could be more novel than The Blood Type Diet cookbook by Karen Vago and Lucy Degremont (Thorsons, pounds 9.