Blood Irradiation

The subjecting of blood components to ionizing—gamma radiation—to inactivate WBCs capable of causing transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease
Indications Allogeneic BMT, congenital immunodeficiency states, intrauterine transfusions and post-natal exchange transfusions, prematurity, high-dose chemotherapy, ALL, Hodgkin’s disease and directed donations
Possible indications ANLL, CLL, CML, aplastic anemia, cytoxan therapy, massive transfusion
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The pencils were developed for blood irradiation but are expected to replace cobalt-60 for applications such as food irradiation, brachytherapy and sterilization of medical equipment.
The vitamin D effect can be enhanced with ultraviolet blood irradiation. Coenzyme Q10 lowers blood pressure independently with doses of 200-400 mg a day and is particularly important to replace if a patient is taking a statin drug, which can reduce the body's production of endogenous CoQIO by 40%.
These include medical ozone therapy, ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy, intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy, and high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy.
I also had shark cartilage enemas, along with colonic irrigation and blood irradiation, where blood is pumped out, passed through an ultraviolet light, mixed with ozone, and pumped back in.
Each day there was a full menu of speakers on topics such as nutritional approaches to cancer, oxygen therapy, hyperthermia, chelation, laetrile, thermography, Ayurvedic Medicine, ultraviolet blood irradiation and recovered patients testimonials.
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