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Drug slang A regional term for marijuana
Vox populi adjective Referring to light yellow colored hair
noun A person possessing such a hair color
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The British Blonde Society is inviting both new and existing Blonde cattle enthusiasts to join them for a breed open day and training event.
So the first lesson: Technically everyone can go blonde. But it depends on your coloring.
The study found that the average IQ of blondes actually was slightly higher than those with other hair colors, but that finding is not statistically significant, maintains Zagorsky, who works in Center for Human Resource Research.
Blame the movies, the magazines or the advertising, but for some reason us blondes all get put in the same category.
KATY PERRY Pop star Katy Perry joined the blondes have more fun club when she swapped her trademark raven locks for platinum blonde.
Clearly, The Blondes touches on themes of gender identity and politics, broaching topics of adultery, pregnancy, abortion, gender studies, myths about female hysteria, menstruation prejudices and female portrayal in media.
On June 27, actress/singer Megan Hilly unveiled the installation, which features a curated selection of images submitted by women across the country showcasing their unique vision of what it means to be blonde.
Blonde hair evolved between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago.
He climbed up on a car and randomly picked a blonde out of the crowd.
She's the latest in a long line of stars to go for a dramatic change, trading in her show-stopping fiery tint for a dodgy blonde bob in her You Da One video.
Big Apes Love Blondes is an original iPhone game, not a 100th copy of tower defense or a blend of the first person shooter and tetris.
The quality assessments, which involved detailed analysis of the eating quality of the beef, mean that Blonde d'Aquitaine bulls will be added to M&S's approved beef breeds sire list later this year.