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Drug slang A regional term for a depressant; a regional term for 50mg Nembutal—pentobarbital capsules
Pharmacology A popular term for a drug that ‘corners’ the market for a particular disease, has a high price with little competition, or for which volume of sales is high
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In most cases, advertisers that use blockbusters aren't merely shifting dollars from ROP advertising, Munch said.
Expert commentaries: detailed examinations by industry experts of three vital blockbuster issues: the threat of biosimilars to the sales of biologics blockbusters, Big Pharma's aggressive pursuit of biologics licensing and acquisition agreements.
Total Sales in the Seven Major Markets of Leading Manufacturers' Blockbuster Drugs That
Outlook: a discussion of the dangers of under-forecasting and the need to improve forecasting going forward in order to more readily identify potential blockbusters.
Global analysis of historical and forecast changes in the blockbuster market across 12 therapy areas
Benchmark the performance and potential of future cardiovascular blockbuster drugs from compounds currently in development, including third generation statins, new anti-hypertensives and an oral anti-coagulant.
While the studio shares the rewards of blockbusters, it also shares the cost of failures, and shares in more profitable movies per year.
Building Pharmaceutical Blockbusters in Crowded Market," available at http://www3.
With 12 million users per month, more movie fans will turn to AOL this summer to check out the season's upcoming blockbusters.