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Drug slang A regional term for a depressant; a regional term for 50mg Nembutal—pentobarbital capsules
Pharmacology A popular term for a drug that ‘corners’ the market for a particular disease, has a high price with little competition, or for which volume of sales is high
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Anyone with a story to tell should take heed of the blockbuster and put all their weight behind making their best bets catch on with consumers.
"The way in which we consume film products is very different now from how we used to back in 2000 when Blockbuster were in their heyday.
"No one else can match us in offering all the hottest new releases including our new Exclusives - movies which are not available to rent anywhere else than Blockbuster for weeks."
Cult hero: Bob Holness presented cult daytime TV show Blockbusters.
So whether it's stocking up on soft drinks and chocolates, breathing new life into an old collection, searching for that hard-to-find film no longer available or just making a little extra cash, your local Blockbuster store has the solution.
Blockbuster teams did not follow a structured, linear path to market.
Electronics retailers, using sport color in their ads, are "really tied into the blockbusters," Brownrout said.
Meanwhile, a first time contestant, Tracy Chong from Australia, said the Blockbusters have to be conducted more frequently, not once a year.
One analog to Blockbuster would be Barnes & Noble, he says, which balances bricks with clicks.
It is the summer which has made studio heads think the big blockbuster may be on its last legs.
Now Blockbuster Entertainment is giving you the chance to start your ultimate DVD collection by winning the top 10 movies of 2003 as voted by film fans.
Rimanelli makes this Blockbusters fiasco the cornerstone for his edifice of misrepresentations, misreadings, and misquotations, and ultimately his weird ire.