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Drug slang A regional term for a depressant; a regional term for 50mg Nembutal—pentobarbital capsules
Pharmacology A popular term for a drug that ‘corners’ the market for a particular disease, has a high price with little competition, or for which volume of sales is high
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Tune into STAR Pravah on October 24, 7pm and enjoy the block buster 'Zendaa' with your friends and family.
ISLAMABAD, 13 May, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- A Pakistani national, Faran Tahir, is playing the role of Captain Robau in the recently released block buster, Star Trek.
Every other weekend they participate in physical service days where you may find them building new homes alongside Habitat for Humanity, planting trees with the Greening of Detroit or tearing down debris from abandoned houses with Motor City Block Busters.