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Take That with Mr Blobby and, top, Paul McCartney and Bono at the Live Aid concert at Wembley plus ABBA in festive mood
Sheena Reid, whose house overlooks the Lynn of Lorn, said the Mr Blobby paint job had been carried out to protect the same view that would be ruined if the sewage pipe was built.
Cliff Richard - Millennium Prayer l Mr Blobby - Mr Blobby
For the past six years she's been responsible for about half a dozen Mr Blobby costumes, and before that helped create Roger De Courcey's Nookie Bear.
1990 CLIFF RICHARD Saviour's Day 1991 QUEEN Bohemian Rhapsody 1992 WHITNEY HOUSTON I Will Always Love You 1993 MR BLOBBY Mr Blobby 1994 EAST 17 Stay Another Day 1995 MICHAEL JACKSON Earth Song 1996 SPICE GIRLS 2 Become 1 1997 SPICE GIRLS Too Much 1998 SPICE GIRLS Goodbye 1999 WESTLIFE I Have a Dream 2000 BOB THE BUILDER Can We Fix It?
To make Party for the Masses, 2000, McKenzie appropriated a friend's failed abstract painting and reproduced over its blobby ground the text of a poster advertising a Depeche Mode event in Germany.
The face of Channel 4's 'Deal or No Deal' quiz, whose BBC variety show gave the world Mr Blobby, warned the BBC was 'sleepwalking to destruction' as he explained his vision with a consortium of wealthy investors to buy the corporation.
In the charts MR Blobby with the self-titled Mr Blobby was the unfortunate novelty number one of 20 years ago.
It would be too cruel to say Robbie has more in common with Noel's old chum Mr Blobby.
While Noel is a cuddly chap who looks like the worst he could do is bring in his old friend Mr Blobby, Keith has that slightly insane twinkle in his eye that lets you know anything might happen.
LITTLE JIMMY OSMOND, Benny Hill, St Winifred's School Choir, Shakin' Stevens and Mr Blobby.
After all, how else can we explain the success of Mr Blobby and the Crazy Frog?