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A popular term for software with many features, few of which are actually used and which slow down the hardware
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What's known in the industry as manufacturer's bloatware can be removed and custom apps chosen by the user can be installed.
The device comes without any bloatware apart from the utilities to control the lighting, energy usage and screen.
APP MANAGER: Uninstall unwanted apps or bloatware and back up important ones.
The device comes with lot of bloatware which may be useful for different users.
It should be just a matter of time before these devices get the update because they are considered more vanilla version including near to zero bloatware.
PORI, Finland, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Developed by the makers of the award winning jv16 Power Tools Windows Utility Suite, Decrap is an extremely easy to use tool which helps users to remove bloatware, crapware or any unwanted programs from their computers.
Some apps are non-removable but can be disabled including bloatware from Google and Samsung.
The Satellite comes with its fair share of bloatware, which may not appeal to some users, although some are very useful.
It's especially targeted for people with a brand new computer, full of pre-installed bloatware - and hence the name Decrap my Computer
0 will be able to match iOS 8 with issues on defragmentation, bloatware and communication?
Our customers pleaded with us to avoid becoming a bloatware producer, like so many other vendors in this space.
The perennial complaint from Samsung users across the globe is the bloatware, which puts a dent in the otherwise impressive device.