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Drug slang A regional term for a white cloud around a pipe being puffed with cocaine
Public health A storm characterised by heavy driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold covering a wide area
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Some stops will feature an extensive celebration that includes an emcee, music, photo opportunities, a "snow storm," free Mini Blizzards and a chance to experience the Blizzard Blaster--a giant, upside down, inflatable Blizzard cup filled with chilled, swirling scented air.
Birmingham construction law specialists Challinors Blizzard - the only practice of its kind in the UK - has celebrated its first birthday with a series of contracts worth a cumulative value in excess of pounds 14 million.
In January a blowout blizzard dumped up to two feet of snow from Minnesota to Texas.
When trapped in a winter blizzard, the difference between survival without injury and a frost-covered death can lie in something as small as having remembered to pack a Power Bar and plastic bottle of water.
The mammoth blizzard that buried the East Coast with snow in mid-March also generated record-breaking amounts of lighting.
Now, in addition to Caesar (a name more closely associated with salads), blizzards could be named Candy Cane Chill, Chocolate Xtreme or Hawaiian.
Available at participating Dairy Queen and DQ Grill & Chill locations that sell cakes nationwide, Blizzard cakes combine creamy layers of DQ soft serve fudge crunch and a top layer of either Oreo Cookies, Chocolate Xtreme or Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
Shaped like the 25th birthday cup topped with an Oreo([R]) Blizzard, including the red spoon, the Blizzardmobile will provide free Mini Blizzards, a new size which is about half the size of a small 12 ounce Blizzard, that will be available at Dairy Queen locations in August, and other exciting on-site activities, while raising awareness and funds for Children's Miracle Network.
and Canada, distributing more than 75,000 free new Mini Blizzards, about half the size of a small 12 oz.
DQ([R] )Introduces Oreo([R]) Cookie Jar as September's Blizzard of the Month
MINNEAPOLIS -- The forecast for major blizzard activity throughout the United States and Canada on Thursday, Aug.
Instead of snow-filled blizzards, Dairy Queen will serve up a variety of Blizzard Flavor Treats during Miracle Treat Day including the August Blizzard of the Month, Oreo(R).