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Drug slang noun Cocaine
verb To snort a drug, inhale cocaine, or smoke marijuana
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In that game, So blew away his winning and drawing chances with painful blunders in time scramble.
Ms Ayling said William Thurston was among those who chased the bouncy castle as it blew away and, when he went to help Summer, it appeared "she was very badly injured and struggling to breathe".
However, Patel would level the contest after Njogu blew away a 4-2 lead to allow the Indian to take the match to a deciding set.
A scorned husband whipped out a hunting gun and blew away his rival like a suburban John Wayne hunting down philandering love rats.
Dozens of trees hacked down and roofs of the hotels and hoses blew away in the neighborhood.
READY AND WILLING 'If anyone doesn't want to ride in the Peterborough Chase I'll take over' AP McCoy as concerns mounted over the wind at Huntingdon OFF THE MENU The popular JP Seafoods outlet was unable to set up at Ludlow after the canopy on the front almost blew away.