Bleeding Edge

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A term for that which is even more advanced that the cutting edge
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Whenever a program takes a chance on bleeding-edge technology, there is a possibility of being stuck with a current equivalent of the Betamax videotape recording format (for the young folks, that was the format that lost to VHS before VHS lost to DVD, which is now losing to TiVo and other digital technologies).
In other words, SANs have been a bleeding-edge technology, not a business proposition.
We'll separate out the promise from the reality, and give practical information on the best of bleeding-edge Java technology.
At a cocktail party beforehand that's part of the event, about two dozen companies will be showing off their bleeding-edge technologies for all to see.
At the time considered bleeding-edge, today the company's all-in-one, bundled suite approach is in use by major companies all over the world, and as a pioneer of this technology, Interactive Intelligence continues to be a front-runner, with more than 2,500 global customers, impressive year-over-year growth, and a 'first-to-market' approach that gives it a competitive advantage over much larger vendors.
Even worse, your bleeding-edge technology may not work at all.
While much of the industry buzz focuses on new channels and bleeding-edge technology, innovation is still needed for customer service and support optimization.