Bleeding Edge

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A term for that which is even more advanced that the cutting edge
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One could argue that the success of a particular technology is determined by its penchant to mature from bleeding-edge, single-source innovation to a position of "tech entitlement" and frictionless adoption by those of us that occupy the majority of the area under that bell curve.
The digital design revolution has definitely taken hold there, especially when compared to the last firms I visited a few years back, when BIM was considered to be bleeding-edge technology and plenty of work was still being done on paper.
Ironically, while Anderson's handmade-looking animals excel in greed and revel in consumerist culture, Pixar's bleeding-edge technologist titan floats off -possessionless and euphoric.
At the other end of the spectrum from the classics are bleeding-edge concoctions like those mixologist Jim Meehan makes at PDT in Manhattan.
(ITI) conferences are always entertaining, and this year's talk on bleeding-edge gadgets was no exception.
Bleeding-edge technology implies a great degree of risk.
Leave us - you have no place reading our bleeding-edge tech bible.
Making sense of text data entails the use of bleeding-edge technology that has to be mastered ...
At American, he was on the bleeding-edge, recognizing the value of technology long before his industry peers.
"The [ThinkTank] Q-Station X-Ways series puts us at the cutting edge, and not the 'bleeding-edge of IT budgets'.
To help you focus on recent technology that is especially useful to you now, this article will skip the gee-whiz hardware and software--the so-called bleeding-edge technology-and focus on products that will keep you efficient and effective today and in the immediate future.
Given the choice between building a conventional user interface and a bleeding-edge graphical sensory assault, the programmer will usually choose the latter.