Bleeding Edge

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A term for that which is even more advanced that the cutting edge
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Will you be on the bleeding edge and find a way to claim a competitive advantage by leveraging it in your business?
DAVID Cameron's sweeping privatisation plans will create a "bleeding edge" as they are brought in, the man who drew them up has admitted.
Tony Boggs, the former director of the Bar's Lawyer Regulation Division, also noted that the Bar properly has a reputation of being on the leading edge, even the "bleeding edge," of grievance matters.
Bateman: You need to have a property that is on the bleeding edge that you're willing to test things on.
John Tonry (IfA) said, "We played as close to the bleeding edge of technology as you can without getting cut!"
"Buffalo has always been on the bleeding edge of technological innovation, and incorporating NewMedia-NET's DD-WRT software solution into our high-end routers and access points is a natural evolution," said Ralph Spagnola, vice president of sales at Buffalo Technology.
There is a fine line between being on the cutting edge or the bleeding edge."
While a select few blogs and news memes get repetitive attention from all things to all people content aggregators and social news sites, the vast majority of news stories and social media participation simply gets lost in the ether.BlogWerds Media is a new kind of social media company, on the bleeding edge in this new, brave post-web 2.0 era.
Drawn from the most advanced digital mapping technology available, "Goode's World Atlas" is the leader of atlases, highly recommended for anyone in the market for an atlas, or must be on the bleeding edge of knowledge in this subject.
For a more immersive gaming experience, Overdrive offers the BigBlock, packed to the gills with bleeding edge components (starting at $1999).
Wolseley head of sustainability Tim Pollard said: "We are trying to deliver practical and sustainable solutions that are available today - it's not about bleeding edge technology but about practical products."
While it had probably been around a while, the first time I heard the term "bleeding edge of technology" was about 25 years ago, when Lt.