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Grosse, "Cell motility through plasma membrane blebbing," The Journal of Cell Biology, vol.
The obvious example is during apoptosis when the cell membrane becomes disordered and more fluid prior to membrane blebbing and microparticle shedding [45].
However certain features like cytoplasmic blebbing, platelet budding, clustering of blasts may be useful for diagnosis (8).
Majority of nordamnacanthal-treated MCF-7 and MOLT-4 cells showed morphological features of apoptosis such as condensation of nuclear chromatin and cytoplasm, membrane blebbing and the formation of apoptotic bodies (Figure 2 and Figure 3).
The presence of membrane blebbing (arrows), vacuoles of diverse sizes (double arrows), and loss of cell adhesion were evident in the representation from the myogenesis in vitro under the treatment with the culture filtrate of Shigella dysenteriae (Figs.
We analyzed the rate of blebbing by using a time series of the complexity of the cell shape and found that there is little difference in the blebbing rate between the RNAi-treated and control cells.
A significant number of trophozoites showed severe membrane blebbing when irradiated at 5 kGy and greater.
Apoptotic cells are characterized by a number of morphologic, molecular, and biochemical features, including shrinkage of cells, blebbing of cells and nuclear membranes, compaction and condensation of chromatin toward the nuclear periphery, and fragmentation of DNA into oligonucleosomes (26,27).
There was no membrane blebbing, no fragmentation of the nucleus, and no cell breakup.
Cytoplasmic blebbing and vacoulation, nuclear clefting and platelet budding were seen in case 4 (figure 1).
(6) Collagen induces platelet aggregation by direct platelet interaction, resulting in spreading and blebbing of platelets, as well as aggregation.
Morphologic alterations, including cell swelling and membrane blebbing, were apparent within 24 hr of exposure.