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To be seriously under the influence of alcohol, drugs of abuse, or illicit ‘recreational’ substances
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group of charges with weight [Q.sub.p] blasted at time step [tau], t is the exponent dependant on solid mass characteristics, see Table 1.
Test results also showed that aluminum oxide and silicon carbide generated discoloring on blasted wood surfaces due to the penetration and retention of the hard erodent on the surface.
Media are blasted into the blast cabinet using the JWL-401 Jet Wheel that is said to incorporate superior blast wheel design technology.
A precision cam indexer moves the component through separate chambers of the cabinet's interior, where it is first blasted and then the residue is blown off by adjustable air knives.
It works on castings that require all-around coverage and must be handled and blasted individually.
Due to the sporadic nature of the stockwork mineralisation most production blasts (excluding areas of waste stripping) are made up of a number of ore and waste composites that have to be blasted together.
The only dust with steel-grit sanding comes from the dirt being blasted off the surface being cleaned.