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Gerhard (Blaes), Dutch anatomist, ca. 1626-1692. See: Blasius duct.
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Blasius? You see it's burned down, and there's an end of it....
We encourage all of our West students to show their ROAR values as they try their best each day," said Kristi Blasius, Assistant Principal of Elementary West School.
'My opponent was skilled and he had the experience,' said Paalam, who takes on China's Wu Zhonglin-a controversial 5-0 winner over Indonesia's Mario Blasius Kali earlier in the day-in the semifinals on Friday.
"Magaling siya at mautak kasi experienced siya," said Paalam, who takes on China's Wu Zhonglin -- a controversial 5-0 winner over Indonesia's Mario Blasius Kali earlier in the day -- in the semifinals on Friday.
Pavitra won 5-0 against Nilawan Techasuep of Thailand, Shyam Kumar defeated local lad Mario Blasius 4-1, while Salman Shaikh also defeated his Philippine's pugilist 5-0.
Keywords: Falkner-Skan equation, Blasius equation, quasi-linearization, iterative finite
The problem [P.sub.[lambda](a,b)] with [beta] = 0 is the well known Blasius problem.
In this paper, we have applied this new approach to two nonlinear boundary value problems; the Blasius Equation and Sakiadis Equation.
Presentations will include: "Polyolefin elastomers," Jeff Munro, Dow Chemical; "PVC Alloys," William Blasius, Foster; "Styrenic copolymers," Mark Berard, TSRC-Global; "Polyamide copolymers," Chris Schroder, DSM; "Polyester copolymers," Chris Schroder, DSM; "Polyurethanes," Sarah Westerdale, BASF; "Fluoropolymers and IPNs," Kevin Cavicchi, University of Akron; "Shape memory," Kevin Cavicchi, University of Akron; and "TPE selection," Stephane Morin, Alliance Polymers and Service.
(261) Now that the Buckley framework has been laid out, the next Part presents the central claim of this Article, one premised on a connection between the Buckley framework and the Blasius doctrine of corporate law.
Devices and Methods for Treating Accidental Bowel Leakage: Thomas Blasius Brezoczky, Los Gatos, CA; Karl Patrick Ronn, Palo Alto, CA; Kelly Lewis Brezoczky, Los Gatos, CA; Elizabeth Hodge Ronn, Palo Alto, CA; and Steven B.
(111) To be noted as well is that Blasius' protection of shareholder franchise arises even though the board is acting in a way that is the exercise of corporate powers; a corporate purpose existed in Blasius--to continue the ongoing business plan--but a legitimate corporate purpose was not by itself sufficient to justify the board's actions that had the correlative effect of impacting the franchise of shareholders." (112) This observation flows from Chancellor Allen's holding that the board had acted consistently with its obligations to defend the corporation from a threatened change in the board's ongoing business policy.