Blaschko, Alfred

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Alfred, German venereologist, leprologist, and scientist, 1858-1922.
Blaschko lines - system of lines on the surface of the human body, representing developmental growth pattern of the skin. Certain nevi are distributed along these lines.
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Cytogenetic and molecular evidence for cutaneous mosaicism: the ectodermal origin of Blaschko lines. Am J Med Genet 1999;85(4):330-3.
(1) It is characterized by linear plaques, often on the extremities, face, or scalp, that tend to follow Blaschko lines. (4) These lesions may extend past the dermis to the subcutaneous tissue, muscle, and even bone, resulting in significant deformities.
A new disease picture, following the Blaschko lines. Hautarzt.
Hypomelanosis of Ito, described in 1952 as incontinentia pigmenti achromians, is a rare neuroectodermal disorder characterized by mainly hypopigmented and in some cases hyperpigmented anomalies following the Blaschko lines associated with neurological, ocular, and musculoskeletal abnormalities.
Widespread porokeratotic eccrine ostial and dermal duct nevus along Blaschko lines. Pediatr Dermatol.
* This differs from Blaschko lines, which form a specific surface pattern that is believed to reflect the migration of embryonic skin cells.
Linear psoriasis, a rare form of psoriasis, is characterized by late-onset linear psoriatic lesions along Blaschko lines. Linear epidermal nevus is a disease characterized by pruritic, erythematous scaly lesions following Blaschko lines that occurs in the first months of life and is slowly progressive.
Epidermal nevus: cutaneous lesion derived from the pluripotent cells of basal layer of epidermis, clinically characterized by hyperpigmentary papules, hyperkeratosis well-defined, coalescent into linear lesions, parallel to Blaschko lines, localized on the torso, neck, flexural areas, frequently they are unilateral (nevus unius lateralis) or bilaterally (hystrix epidermal nevus).
Multiple piloleiomyomas: do they follow dermatomes or blaschko lines? J Dermatol 2003; 30: 851-2.
Her first child was a 12 yr old daughter who had short stature (height 142 cm), with hypopigmented skin lesions along the Blaschko lines all over the body.
(1) When the lesions are linear, they typically follow Blaschko lines. (1) The lesions change over time.