Blaschko, Alfred

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Alfred, German venereologist, leprologist, and scientist, 1858-1922.
Blaschko lines - system of lines on the surface of the human body, representing developmental growth pattern of the skin. Certain nevi are distributed along these lines.
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1) It is characterized by linear plaques, often on the extremities, face, or scalp, that tend to follow Blaschko lines.
Blaschko lines do not follow any known vascular, nervous, or lymphatic structures of the skin.
Linear epidermal nevus is a disease characterized by pruritic, erythematous scaly lesions following Blaschko lines that occurs in the first months of life and is slowly progressive.
Linear psoriasis is a rare form of psoriasis characterised by linear array of lesions involving particular dermatome or along the Blaschko lines.
A linear hyperpigmented lesion studded with few verrucous papules following Blaschko lines was also noted over left shoulder and arm (Fig.
Her first child was a 12 yr old daughter who had short stature (height 142 cm), with hypopigmented skin lesions along the Blaschko lines all over the body.
Case 3: A 4 yr old girl born to nonconsanguineous parents, had hyperpigmented skin lesions along Blaschko lines at the time of presentation (Fig.
1) When the lesions are linear, they typically follow Blaschko lines.
The associated syndrome, nevus sebaceous syndrome, also known as Schimmelpenning syndrome, has more extensive cutaneous lesions along Blaschko lines and presents with CNS, ocular, or skeletal defects.
Lichenoid drug reaction eruption following the Blaschko lines.
Blaschko line, lichen planus, Blaschkoian lichen planus, zosteriform lichen planus.