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Alfred, Austrian dermatologist, 1858-1922. See: lines of Blaschko.
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Anatomical equivalent of Blaschko's lines has been described in teeth and eyes as well.
According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, Blaschko's lines follow a V- shape over the upper spine, an S- shape over the abdomen, an inverted U- shape from the breast to the upper arm, and perpendicular lines up and down the arms and legs.
The distribution of all of these variants follows Blaschko's lines, which may be explained by cutaneous mosaicism (6).
Blaschko's lines are a nonrandom cutaneous distribution pattern of pigment anomalies caused by migration of skin cells that is believed to start during emhryogenesis.
A case of extragenital lichen sclerosus following Blaschko's lines.
Blaschko's lines (BL) are the surface patterns manifest by various nevoid and acquired skin diseases on the human skin and mucosa.