Blank Slate

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A term referring to the widely held belief that children can be moulded and taught as if they were a blank slate on which anything can be 'inscribed' by parents and society
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Was John Locke right to consider newborn infants blank slates on which experience inscribes its all-powerful markers?
The Blank Slate hypothesis states that the mind of the infant starts out with no genetically molded organizational structures, so essentially anything can be "written" upon it.
The DOE's FreedomCAR program with the Big Three automakers is still a blank slate, so it could go either way.
If Steven Pinker's latest 500-page treatise on the brain, The Blank Slate, serves any wider purpose in the popular discussion of science issues, it will, one hopes, be the final demolition of that battle-worn slur, "biological determinism," still lugged out by the occasional critic when someone starts talking about genes, evolution and human behavior in the same paragraph.
All children must learn to read, write, and do arithmetic, yet every generation begins as a blank slate.
The first step toward more insightful -- and more accurate -- business forecasts is a frank acknowledgment that the future is neither fully predictable nor an entirely blank slate.
This blank slate is a deliberate distancing device that Arcand uses to explore the fascination some men have with female beauty.
Douglass was not a blank slate when he first heard Garrison speak and read his abolitionist newspaper The Liberator.
was an "opportunity to take a blank slate and design a store that you think, for all that you've been able to acquire and learn about the customer, is a store that serves today's fine quality furniture customer better than perhaps anything else out there.
The human mind, Locke maintained, begins as a tabula rasa (Lat, " blank slate " ) and acquires knowledge through the use of the five senses and a process of reflection.
Conceived as an amenity for luxury resorts, Maris boutiques all start with a blank slate to allow for an organic understanding of any given location.