Philippe Frédéric, French anatomist and surgeon, 1798-1849. See: Blandin gland.
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Romanucci Principal and Partner Romanucci & Blandin, LLC "The death of Laquan McDonald is another example of a tragic and unnecessary shooting by the Chicago Police Department.
Blandin -attache administration direction des ressources humaines
It is owned jointly by brothers Bruno, Claude and Patrick Blandin.
Carmen Blandin Tarleton has undergone 55 operations before opting for the transplant.
Carmen Blandin Tarleton told a press conference at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, where she received the face transplant two months earlier, that she feels great appreciation and gratitude for the tremendous gift that she has been given.
2bn Catholics | WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 27: Face transplant patient Carmen Blandin Tarleton, of Thetford, Vermont, before surgery at Brigham and Women''s Hospital in Boston, USA.
Laetita Blandin is the head of external communications for Nexter Systems.
the route) is also an important parameter since it is now well established that the resulting mechanical properties for a given number of extrusions depends upon the angle of rotation between each pass, (Dupuy & Blandin, 2002).
Petty Officer Blandin works in the airframes shop at VR-58.
Don Blandin, CEO and president of the Investor Protection Trust, a nonprofit organization devoted to investor education, says, that education is what "prevents a bond that matures in 35 years from being sold to an 85-year-old.
He was asking her to forgive him," Detective Wayne Blandin, who had interviewed the girl last year, testified during Tuesday's preliminary hearing.
In New Hampshire, Terie Norelli became the first Democrat to be elected speaker since Amos Blandin, who was chosen by a bipartisan coalition in 1934.