Philippe Frédéric, French anatomist and surgeon, 1798-1849. See: Blandin gland.
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On October 24, UPM announced plans to permanently close paper machine 5 at UPM Blandin in Minnesota, United States in response to overcapacities in the North American paper market.
On 28th May, 2015 Minister Karu Jayasuriya attended a breakfast meeting with Madam Marie-Christine Blandin, President and members of the Sri Lanka - France Friendship Group in the Senate of the French Parliament.
It is owned jointly by brothers Bruno, Claude and Patrick Blandin.
Parmi ses publications nous citons : [beaucoup moins que]Talismano[beaucoup plus grand que], Paris, [beaucoup moins que]Christian Bourgois[beaucoup plus grand que], Paris, 1979, [beaucoup moins que]Phantasia[beaucoup plus grand que], Paris, Sindbad, 1986, [beaucoup moins que]Tombeau d'Ibn Arabi[beaucoup plus grand que], Paris, Nol Blandin, 1987, [beaucoup moins que] Les Dits de Bistami [beaucoup plus grand que], Paris, Fayard, 1989, [beaucoup moins que]La Gazelle et l'enfant[beaucoup plus grand que], 1992, [beaucoup moins que]Recit de l'exil occidental par Sohrawardi[beaucoup plus grand que], 1993, [beaucoup moins que]Les 99 stations de Yale[beaucoup plus grand que], 1995, [beaucoup moins que] Portrait du poete en soufi [beaucoup plus grand que], coll.
NEILD (2001) formulo la hipotesis de la existencia de dos subespecies, staudingeri en el norte y niepelti en el sur del Anden Pacifico, posteriormente BLANDIN (2007) las considero como la misma especie cuyos cambios, segun este autor, corresponden a variaciones de los especimenes.
Don Blandin has been elected the new president of the Alliance for Investor Education (AIE), a nonprofit consortium of 19 trade group, governmental and quasi-governmental U.
Carmen Blandin Tarleton told a press conference at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, where she received the face transplant two months earlier, that she feels great appreciation and gratitude for the tremendous gift that she has been given.
Carmen Blandin Tarleton has undergone 55 operations before opting for the transplant.
2bn Catholics | WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 27: Face transplant patient Carmen Blandin Tarleton, of Thetford, Vermont, before surgery at Brigham and Women''s Hospital in Boston, USA.
For lesbian mother Claire Blandin, who currently has no legal right to her son Eloi, born a year and half ago to her partner Blandine Peeters, the time for the government to tighten parental ties is now.
Mucocele of the glands of blandin nuhn: a case report
Halifax taxi driver Bruce Blandin recalled how his grandfather was one of the Canadian cable ship crew who recovered the dead, while his grandmother watched the coffins being unloaded on the beaches.