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Regional drug slang for cocaine
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"C'est un utchitel," Blanche would say of me, "qui a gagne deux cent mille francs, and but for me, would have had not a notion how to spend them.
Indeed, two weeks had not elapsed before I perceived that Blanche had no real affection for me, even though she dressed me in elegant clothes, and herself tied my tie each day.
Blanche, who had by no means expected such declarations from me, but, rather, an uproar and protests, was rather taken aback.
At all events, Blanche bought herself articles to the tune of eighty thousand francs, and the rest sufficed just to meet our expenses of living.
Blanche met him with merry badinage and laughter, and even threw her arms around him.
From the first moment of his arrival in Paris, Blanche set herself to plead with me on his behalf; and at such times she even rose to heights of eloquence--saying that it was for ME she had abandoned him, though she had almost become his betrothed and promised to become so; that it was for HER sake he had deserted his family; that, having been in his service, I ought to remember the fact, and to feel ashamed.
The young lady thus presenting herself to the general view was Miss Blanche Lundie--once the little rosy Blanche whom the Prologue has introduced to the reader.
"Now then, good people," cried Miss Blanche, "silence, if you please!
In other words, the step-mother of Blanche, and the enviable person who had taken the house and lands of Windygates.
smoke by all means!" retorted Blanche. "I shall choose somebody else.
Blanche's face broke prettily into a charming smile.
"Mamma!" cried Blanche. "What can you be thinking of?