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Regional drug slang for cocaine
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Then the Breithorn and the Dent Blanche caught the radiant glow; but "the intervening mass of Monte Rosa made it necessary for us to climb many long hours before we could hope to see the sun himself, yet the whole air soon grew warmer after the splendid birth of the day.
Eshton and her three daughters--very elegant young ladies indeed; and there are the Honourable Blanche and Mary Ingram, most beautiful women, I suppose: indeed I have seen Blanche, six or seven years since, when she was a girl of eighteen.
Fairfax of Blanche Ingram; remember the raven ringlets, the oriental eye;--What
de Treville, or whether he should only ask him to give him CARTE BLANCHE for some secret affair.
Montague Lady Hunstanton, Miss Rose Leclercq Lady Caroline Pontefract, Miss Le Thiere Lady Stutfield, Miss Blanche Horlock Mrs.
My grandfather has given me carte blanche for once, and I promise you the entertainment shall be worthy of the occasion.
On this buccaneering expedition, Rear Admiral Du Petit Thouars, leaving the rest of his squadron at the Marquesas,--which had then been occupied by his forces about five months--set sail for the doomed island in the Reine Blanche frigate.
Blanche, Maria Philipovna, and Polina Alexandrovna in one of them, and the Frenchman, the Englishman, and the General in attendance on horseback
She had had nothing to eat for six months," said little Blanche.
That is great nonsense that I have been telling Blanche, but it is a great deal more serious than most of what we say in society.
I grew more intimate with Blanche Stroeve, and I think, because I was English and she knew few English people, she was glad to see me.
Blanche was going to India, to be governess in the household of a Judge, under care of the Judge's wife.