Blade Tool

A relatively sophisticated tool meticulously carved from fine grained rock, which is thought by anthropologists to have been the first tool produced 80,000–90,000 years ago by Homo sapiens in Africa
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00 mm, rake angle blade tool was [gamma] = 15[degrees], at 6000[degrees]/min.
The Qesem Cave people hunted cooperatively, then carried the highest quality body parts of their prey to the cave, where they cut the meat with stone blade tools and cooked it with fire.
WORK SHARP TOOL SHARPENER is designed for sharpening a broad array of woodworking and common blade tools including chisels, plane irons, carving tools, putty knives, scrapers and axes.
Such modification is not necessary for resin-hafted knives or picks, although it is apparent that more recent indigenous knappers may create a morphological likeness to some blade tools by more extensive retouching than occurred in the ethnographic past.