Blackberry thumb

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Black·ber·ry thumb

(blak'ber-ē thŭm)
A general term used to describe the clinical signs and symptoms of a repetitive motion injury of the hand, thumb, or fingers caused by overuse of a personal digital assistant type device.
See also: tendinitis
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'BlackBerry thumb' is the name given to a repetitive strain injury caused by overusing mobile phones to send emails and texts.
""BlackBerry thumb' is the overuse of a mobile phone for work purposes and we envisage potential work in this area as more people are using their handsets when they're on the move, which is leading to repetitive strain injury.
The exact causes of Blackberry thumb are not clear, but thumb tendons can become swollen and painful through overuse.
Here are tips on how to avoid "Blackberry Thumb" from the American Physical Therapy Association:
Excessive and improper use of digital devices like smartphones is giving rise to new age conditions like ' Blackberry thumb' and ' Nintendonitis'.
And if you're concerned about so-called BlackBerry thumb, the repetitive strain injury caused by typing on your mobile, you needn't be.
The increased use of these hand-held devices contributes to potentially developing symptoms referred to as "BlackBerry Thumb," the repetitive strain injuries causing pain and/or numbness in the thumbs and joints of the hand.
The term 'BlackBerry Thumb' has been coined for a form of repetitive strain injury linked not just to over-use of a BlackBerry, but of other handheld devices, including mobile phones.