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Regional drug slang for amphetamines
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In other words, while black people are far more likely to be stopped and searched, those episodes are only slightly more likely to lead to an arrest.
It meant that black people had a one in 72 chance of being stopped and searched in the West Midlands in 2016-17.
disappointing search many of we raised race report Black people were by far the most disproportionately stopped and search ethnic group across the country, and the same is true in the West Midlands.
An overwhelming majority of Black people (88%) say the country needs to continue making changes for Black people to have equal rights with whites, but 43% are skeptical that such changes will ever occur.
Even further, black people were twice as likely to shot after being pulled over by police, including being shot for reaching for items that would turn out to not be weapons at all.
In the film, which asks, "Is it true all black people like chicken?
An NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll conducted last week and published Tuesday found 52% of Americans believe racism against black people is an "extremely" or "very" serious problem.
The star, who spoke to parliament this week about increasing diversity, added: "It's not just about saying, 'Let's have more black people on TV'.
Black people know a whole lot more about racism than white people do.
In an audio recording, the 80-year-old NBA owner can be heard chastising his 31-year-old girlfriend Vanessa Stiviano for posting her pictures with black people, including with basketball player Magic Johnson, and tells her that she can be intimate with whoever she wants, but cannot bring black people to Clippers games.
The contents of his book are so critical to Africa's future that it needs to be brought to the wider attention of all Africans and black people generally.
When black people implode in public in high profile fashion, the effect is very disturbing and can lead to distractions which, while well intentioned, are useless and counterproductive.