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The leaves of the Egyptian privet, Lawsonia inermis; used as a cosmetic and hair dye.
[Ar. hennā]
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Authorities said using fake and expired cosmetic products, blended black henna and other herbals on customers is very dangerous.
Doctors said the burns were caused by Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) - a chemical commonly found in black henna pastes and dark hair dyes - and that Owen may need skin grafts.
Contact dermatitis with severe scalp swelling and upper airway compromise due to black henna hair dye.
Black henna often contains high levels of a chemical called PPD that can cause dangerous reactions in some people.
She said: "The kids wanted to get black henna tattoos on holiday and we said they could at the end if we had the money.
"The kids wanted to get black henna tattoos on holiday and we said that they could at the end, if we had the money," she said.
"Black henna temporary tattoos can cause serious issues.
She also wore a black henna tattoo on her forehead and chin in what fans saw as a bold move.
Among its herbal products are; Shampoo, Silicon Conditioner, Rinsing conditioner, Black henna, Face wash, Fairness cream, Body soap and Hand wash liquids.
Inspection visits covered 686 outlets during which the Municipality seized 1046 packs of expired, outlawed or harmful materials, such as the black henna and Chinese henna, and served 45 warnings.
Inspectors confiscated 1,046 packs of expired or banned products, such as black henna and Chinese henna, which can pose a threat to residents' health.
Three children got their first temporary black henna tattoo done together while on holiday in Thailand in February 2017.