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Black Grass is now the number one problem in weed control for UK growers, with herbicide resistance, and particularly NTSR, leading to a loss of chemical control and major crop losses.
The findings were discussed at the 47th British Crop Protection Council Annual Weed Review, which heard that black grass resistance to currently available herbicides is rapidly increasing.
Ryegrass also tillers more profusely than black grass, with each plant commonly producing more than 20 heads and 5,000 seeds.
4 acre walled garden and so far one rare plant ( a Mediterranean Black Grass ( has been found, but it is thought many more will be discovered as work progresses.
Ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens is another excellent black grass, with distinctive black leaved foliage and purplish white flowers in summer, growing just eight inches tall and preferring sun or part shade.
Giving him a welcome fit for a high chief, the 15-strong entourage - clad in yellow and black grass skirts and smeared with black war paint - eagerly shouldered the platform and armchair bearing Andrew.
The arching stems are particularly eyecatching exploding from a carpet of black grass, ophiopogon nigrescens.
I turned a page and saw a photo of what looked like black grass with foliage like tarantula legs, Ophiopogon planiscapus `Nigrescens' (pictured).
FOR winter interest combine the bright stems of willows and dogwoods with ornamental sedge, the black grass Ophiopogon Nigrescens and heathers with colourful flowers and foliage.
The wee Festuca glauca "Blue Glow" is low growing with a green blue tinge and looks great, topped with grit and planted in pale off-white terrazzo pots as does Ophiopogon planiscapus "Nigrescens" - the black grass which prefers moist but well drained soil but is happy in sun or partial shade.
David's planting scheme features the black grass, ophiopogon, dark-leaved bugle and the Black Lace elderberry, contrasted with silver-leaved Artemisia Powys Castle and astilias.