Black, Douglas A.K.

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Douglas A.K., Scottish physician, 1909–.
Black formula - a translation of Pignet formula into British measurements.
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The Asian calligraphy-inspired eyeliner and brush design promise control and accuracy, and can draw lines as thin as 0.05mm to as thick as 2.0mm, and the combination of fine-particle carbon black formula is both water-proof and sweat-proof.
Boasting a lash-loving new 360[degrees] Flexor brush and a bold black formula, this mascara widens eyes for a bold, doll-like effect.
Lewis Hamilton, the first black Formula 1 Champion.
In table 4, we see this new process surprisingly produced tensile strengths of about 80% (85% to 76%) of the N550 carbon black formula (30), whereas the previous process produced kaolins demonstrating equivalent tensile strength.
The supplier has since extended the line with Waterproof Million Lashes Mascara for all-purpose wear as well as Carbon Black Million Lashes Mascara for twice the intensity of the original black formula. Both are available at a suggested retail price of $8.95 at mass market retailers nationwide.
LEWIS HAMILTON stuck up two fingers to that racist minority of fans by becoming the first black Formula 1 champion.
On Sunday, his grandson Lewis almost became the first black Formula One world champion.
6 Representing McLaren next year, which 21-year-old will become the first black Formula One GP driver?
LEWIS HAMILTON admits all eyes will be on him next season - but insists he can handle the pressure of being the first black Formula One driver.
``There are a couple of guys in the wings and one of those is Lewis Hamilton who is racing in Formula Three and could become Britain's first black Formula One driver.
Since catastrophes arrive even less sporadically than, for example, the arrival of external shocks that cause exchange rates to jump, and usually with much larger jump sizes, one may reasonably argue that the use of the Black formula for pricing CAT options may produce significant pricing biases, and a pricing formula that considers the jump nature of catastrophe arrivals will be more accurate.(7) As a matter of fact, the compound Poisson process and its variations play an important role in traditional actuarial literature for its feasibility in computation and reasonable description of claims generated by a large and fairly homogeneous insurance portfolio.