Black Water

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A rapidly-progressive equine myodegenerative disorder
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The mentioned setup was mainly under the control of spy masters of NDS, RAW and CIA with the help of Black Water terrorists.
Houston after Hurricane Harvey is a "black water" Category 3 extreme event.
For now a shimmer of black water laps at your tires As
Building One is New York City's first metered chilled water HVAC system for a residential building and a black water reclamation system.
SOMETIME later that morning my Dad appears on the pavement opposite our front door, where the black water is shallowest.
Chicago, IL, August 02, 2016 --( Black Water Nano, LLC (dba Black Water Aquaculture), today announced that they are now taking orders from RAS shrimp and fish farms for their proprietary ammonia and nitrite mitigation process.
Harnessing biomimicry processes, WaterHub uses beneficial bacteria, microorganisms, plants and hydroponic technology to treat black water, gray water and stormwater for later use in steam and chiller plants, as well as for toilet flushing in a number of residence halls.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Yemen's Army and popular forces, in fierce clashes in Taiz province on Monday, managed to inflict heavy casualties on foreign-backed militants, including several Saudi-hired Black Water mercenaries.
Be that as it may, not all books achieve such lofty heights, which is not the case with our nonfiction book of the year winner, a work so loaded with knowledge and factual wisdom about a mysterious black water river in the American South, it defies belief.
The Doobie Brothers notched up two No 1 singles in the 1970s in the US with Black Water and What A Fool Believes, then in 1979 topped the American album charts for five weeks with the superb Minute By Minute.
One of Phuket's most famous beaches has been polluted by, what locals in Thailand call, black water.
He expressed annoyingly that the country has become a security risk and agents of CIA and black water are lingering in Pakistan.